The Next Generation in Dispatching Technology!

mie_125x125, Inc. has developed the #1 construction dispatching software system in the world, Laser Dispatch, designed with the dispatcher in mind. This daily dispatching/scheduling software system tracks employees, equipment and jobs with the scan of a bar- code using a handheld scanner. Easily find on which job (or jobs) an equipment or employee is located. Quickly generate reports for the day or for any day or range of dates in your dispatch history. Print out time cards and job foremen reports. Track your tools and quickly find the location of any tool. Keep tab on your rentals and where each rental is assigned and for how long. E-mail your assignment information to your employees' cell phones and pagers. Post your dispatch to Laser Dispatch Central where your foremen and supervisors can log in and see the schedule from anywhere in the world. Quickly and easily get the information you need for costing your jobs and estimating future projects...more.

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